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Laetitia Casta could have been content following the well-beaten track through the fashion universe as a supermodel, with the well-publicised success that the career can bring. 

But she decided to fully express her natural artistic flair for the theatre and cinema by taking on unconventional roles and adopting an open-minded attitude that has led her where no-one expected her to go, spurred on solely by her will to express her emotions.

After being spotted in the TV film The Blue Bicycle, Laetitia went on throwing herself into increasingly demanding roles (in Savage Souls by Raul Ruiz, Le Grand Appartement by Pascal Thomas, Gainsbourg: A Heroic Life by Joann Sfar, and most recently Very Bad Girls by Audrey Dana).

On stage, Laetitia has played the role of Ondine, directed by Jacques Weber, and took the lead in She’s waiting for you, a play by Florian Zeller. 

Her artistic background is without a doubt the truest echo of this instinctive artist who centres her life on creativity.